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Organization and Storage Ideas for Your Craft Room

Your craft room is that special area in your home where magic and creativity come alive. Whether you are a jewelry designer, scrapbooker, illustrator, or another type of artist, your craft room allows you to make anything you desire.

The one problem that creatives face when it comes to their craft room is taking advantage of the space. The key is to make the most out of it with storage and organization. We’ve put together a list of helpful tips to help you organize your room.


1. Create Your Own Station

Having a station with your most used tools allows you to get things done. You spend hours in your craft room, so its only necessary to make it your own. Use the appropriate desk size to hold your tool or add a bar cart of your favorite supplies. Think about everything in relation to your height and size so that whenever you need that essential item, it’s easily at arm’s reach.


2. Organization is Essential

Craft rooms are special spaces. They are perfect for all trades and are not limiting to one style of self-expression. If you are an artist then you understand the fascination of wanting to explore other mediums. Because of this, it’s best to use as much of the room as you can. Free up some cabinets and install custom shelves. Installing custom shelves allows you to store whatever you need including, tools, accessories, and materials. Best of all, they get displayed beautifully in one spot.


3. Optimize Your Closet Space

Craft room organization involves many working elements. We always recommend approaching organization in a way that makes sense to you. We like keeping the main tools close to your everyday workspace, but what about the bigger items? Like the large bottles of paints you don’t use or the roll of 12×12 textiles.

This is where many good craft rooms start to fall apart. People have a tendency to just throw things in the closet and it becomes a disorganized mess.

From the very beginning, you can optimize your closet space by utilizing slide-out shelves and pull out boxes that allow you to easily grab the items you need. Having the ability to grab the things you need without having to look in the cluttered mess, maintain your energy, creativity, and drive. You don’t want to lose your motivation because you have to spend an hour digging through the closet to find one small tool or piece of fabric.



4. Keep Up Good Habits

After a day of working hard, it can be easy to just leave the tools, materials and any waste just lying around the craft room. You don’t want to get into the habit of this because you lose productivity and the usefulness of the space.

Be sure to routinely clean up everything at the end of the day or at least at the end of a project. It’s well worth it to spend five to ten minutes each day then several hours trying to get everything put back in its right place again.


Craft Room Organization Made Easy

When it comes to creating a great craft room, organization is crucial. By maximizing your space and using key features like pull-out boxes, custom shelves and creating your own central station built just for you, you’ll have the perfect space you need to have the craft room you’ve always wanted. Contact us to see how we can help you create the space you need for your next great idea.