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What is the cost of a shelf?

Each pull out shelf is custom-built for your home. We calculate the cost on your in-home estimate, but on average our shelves cost about $150 (including labor). Labor varies depending on your exact needs and shelving solutions.

How long does it take to get an estimate?

We do pride ourselves in getting to our customers within a 7-day time frame. The actual estimate can take 30 min to an hour depending on how many areas are involved and the difficulty of the project. Our estimates are free, and you can get started in seconds.

How long does installation take?

Installation time depends on the size of the project. However, our team can take anywhere between 2 to 8 hours to complete an installation.

How long does it take to get the Pull Outs and Designer closets installed?

It depends on the project! Most of the time the turn around rate is 7 to 14 days from the time the customer places the order.

What does the price include?

All materials, labor, and equipment are included in the price. We want to provide you with affordable pricing without sacrificing quality, which is why we try to find affordable, sturdy materials for your pull out shelves.

Where do pullout shelves work best?

Our roll-out shelves work best in all areas of the home, however, we have found that clients find the most use out of them when installed in the pantry or our designer closets.

Is the space too small?

No space is too small for our pullout shelves! If you live in a small area, then you have a greater need for pullout shelves. All of our shelves can be custom-made to fit your space.

What areas can you install shelves in?

Our Pull Out shelves and Closets can be installed into different areas around your home and business. We’ve worked on countless projects including pantries, kitchens, closets, bedrooms, garages, bathrooms, laundry, and more.

How do I prepare the area for installation?

Preparing for installation is a simple process. Make sure you remove any of your personal items from the area. Also, make sure you clear the path for our installers as they might have to walk back and forth to the driveway. If you have any pets or small children, make sure they are in a safe area away from the construction.

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