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3 Tricks for New-Home Kitchen Organization

Anybody who has lived in a house before knows that the kitchen is one of the quickest places to become disorganized and messy. Oftentimes, there are so many different pots, pans, bowls, appliances, and silverware that it can be hard to store it all away neatly. If you’re moving into a new home, it won’t hurt to arm yourself with a few kitchen organization tricks to save yourself some hassle, will it?

Let’s take a look at 3 neat tricks you can use to keep your kitchen nice and tidy.

kitchen organization


1. Pull Outs

Pull outs are the number one way to stay on top of your kitchen organization. They are built into your existing shelves, so they don’t need to be built from complete scratch. They are best for maximizing the functionality of small spaces, and our company is currently one of the best companies offering kitchen remodeling with pullouts. We specialize in kitchen storage solutions that make your storage much more efficient and orderly.

We will even send out a professional to help you get situated with new labels and a new system of storage. Together, we can get your kitchen organization to where it needs to be!


2. Group Similar Items Together

This is a great way to keep everything where you can remember it, instead of mixing different items together. For example, if you have shelves where you only keep your cookware, try keeping all of your pots on one shelf and all of your pans on another. Another option is organizing your pots and pan by size, the large ones all together on one shelf and all of the small ones all together on another shelf.

Keep all of your coffee beans and mixes all in one cabinet, keep your knives in one place (maybe think about investing in a knife block?), and keep all of your regular silverware in another drawer. Kitchen organization is made a lot easier when you keep things separated by their respective groups so it’s both easy to find and return an item when you need it.

kitchen organization


3. Clean Out the Fridge

This is a basic one, but very important. Food can go bad even when it’s in the fridge, and if yours is packed to the brim you never know what could be lurking behind all those items. Juice from a combination of foods can collect and pool in certain spots in your fridge, becoming gunky and foul.  

If you clean your fridge out you can then go about putting back the items in an order that’s neat and easy to remember, eliminating your fridge organization problem for good.


You Don’t Have to Suffer From a Messy Kitchen

There is no reason to let your kitchen get so messy that’s it’s hard to find what you need. Even if you have a lot of things crammed into your kitchen, you can utilize our pull out shelves for maximum kitchen organization.

You can also start by just grouping similar items together and by cleaning out your refrigerator often. However, you choose to go about it, organizing your kitchen is one of the most relieving things you can do after you realize how long you were dealing with clutter.