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5 Pull Out Shelf Ideas that You Didn’t Know Existed

No matter how big your home or office is, space is always at a premium. Whether you are working with a small closet or a large and open living room, you want to make the most out of it. With pull out shelves, you are opening your world to limitless organizational opportunities. Here are a few of our top ideas for home and pantry design on how to best utilize these amazing space-saving devices.

1) Organize Your K-Cups with a Custom Shelf

K-Cups may have revolutionized coffee drinking – quickly pop one into a Keurig machine and you have a delicious cup of coffee in no time. But K-Cups can be a little bit tricky to organize, especially if you have a variety of flavors. With a small sliding drawer, you can sort them by roast, beverage type, or flavor so you can easily grab and drop whichever cup you like!

2) Sliding Sunglass Rack

Are sunglasses and prescription glasses the most commonly misplaced items in your home? They are for us too! Without having proper storage, your glasses might get scratched, bent or broken. Instead, use shelf pullouts to organize your glasses. A sliding sunglass rack can simplify and de-clutter your living space while eliminating the danger of having your eyeglasses crushed.

3) Pet Supply Organization

San Diego pet owners own a wide variety of supplies from medicine to leashes. What typically happens to all these pet necessities? Too often it gets lost or collected around your home in piles. Instead, be ready in seconds for an outdoor adventure with your furry best friend by installing pull out shelves near your front door. Your leashes and treats will be close at hand, much to rover’s delight.

4) Sliding Spice Rack

The sky’s the limit when it comes to kitchen storage ideas.  All excellent chefs know the value of their spices, but it’s still easy for them to get mixed up. Nothing is worse than throwing paprika into your holiday cookie recipe when you meant to reach for cinnamon! With a sliding spice rack, you can enjoy the luxury of arranging spices by cuisine, flavor profile, or even alphabetically. Get your rack in order from savory to spicy so you can spend more time enjoying cooking and company.

5) Your Office or Work Station Drawer Dividers

How much of your valuable square footage is wasted around your desks and tables? Your personal workspace should be just that, YOUR space. Reorganizing your desk drawers with a divider can clear your desk of clutter and create space for organized work. Optimize your space by collecting cables, papers, and other desktop tools in an easy-to-access pull-out drawer with dividers. Clear your space of irrelevant items to minimize distractions and feelings of anxiety, and you just might see your productivity benefit from it.

The Many Benefits of Pull Out Shelves

These are just a few of the incredible benefits of pull out shelves. Maximize any area in your home, office, or craft space with our custom shelf options. If you’re ready to organize your home contact one of our specialists to help you create the tidy abode of your dreams.