Step #1/Meet the Design Consultants

First step is to call us to schedule a free estimate.  We send one of our designers out to measure and leave you with a quote for our beautiful pull out shelves, over head trays, divider bins, untensil holders, spice racks, shoe racks, wine racks, lid holders, trash can organizers, closet drawers, pantry pull outs, blind corner solutions, adjustable shelving in garages or pantries are all made to maximize space and create orginization.   We make our customers happier with their space more effecient!

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Our custom drawers are made to order in the U.S.A with a 7 -10 day turn around and a life time warranty.  If you elect to order with us we leave your home with a tentative date on the calendar for our installers to come back and create the inner beauty you and your cabinets deserve.  No need for a second appointment with our team to come back and measure. Yup we took care of all that in step #1.  It’s a simple two-step process- order and install!

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sTEP #3/iNSTALL & White Glove service

We will not only send out qualified installers to complete the process, but we are proud to offer a white glove service for those interested.  Yes, we get fancy for those of you who want help organizing and maximizing your new space with our very own organizer.  She will come out towards the end of the install and help edit, catergorize, and put all your goodies back in their new fancy shelves. She can work with you or you can leave her to do her magic.  This package is a game changer and makes our customers very relieved and giddy.

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Let’s shelf this

We help organize and retrofit your current cabinets, shelves, linens, closets, garages with some fun bells and whistles. We are known for bringing value, more space, and orgnization to your home with a Neiman Marcus quality product at a cost that doesn’t break the piggy bank (think Target pricing).  Our customers range from new moms, families needing an update, realtors who want to bring value to the home, businesses who need to store products (chemicals, solutions, food), father’s who want to redo the garage, downtown residences that needs to maximize space, etc…  Our product is truly universal.  We have sold over 2 million pull outs.  Our competive edge is multi-fold. First, the construction of our boxes is with a glued and dado bottom and a stong dovetail corner joint.  Dovetail joints have been around for thousand of years because they stand the test of time. These is a featured technique because it is known for its resistance to being pulled apart (tensile strength).  We did our homework when constructing our product so it would be high quality at our standard cost, no upcharge here. Some of the earliest known examples of the dovetail joint are in ancient Egyptian architecture entombed with mummies dating from First Dynasty- just call us old school. Second, our cost covers top of the line products with our glides, UL testing, our wood selection for it’s strength as our Top Shelf standard.  We come out of the gates with attractive, fair pricing with out making the customer pay for extra options to get to this end result.  Lastly, we think out of the box and have packaged this amazing product with an organizer so that you maximize your new shelf potential.  We are full service and bring value to our customers with solutions.

Top Shelf is top of the line not only because of our high qaulity products as you can see but because of our ideas.

We were voted business of the year in 2016 and 2017, have been in business since 2002 with over 2 million shelves sold, we get in and out (no 6 week wait), we keep it real, we keep it easy, we keep it about the quality and making our customers shelfier, we mean happier~one shelf at a time~.


Next Steps…

Contact us at 1-833-TOP-SHLF (867-7453) for your free estimate.

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